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                                                                                    Quanzhou Shuangjie Auto Machine Accessories Co.,Ltd.Quanzhou Shuangjie Auto Machinery Fittings Co. Ltd. was founded in 1985. In the 307 provincial highway, convenient transportation. Company is specializing in the production of automobile brake gasRoom and chassis parts …
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                                                                                    Spring brake gas chamber
                                                                                    The spring brake chamber is part of the vehicle braking system. It is usually installed on the drive axle of a vehicle, providing the brake torque for the vehicle.

                                                                                    Clutch booster

                                                                                    The clutch booster is used for the hydraulic control of the clutch mechanism on the car. When the clutch is detached or jointed, the assembly is used to help increase the output force. The assembly is mounted between the clutch and the clutch master cylinder without additional mechanical transmission elements.
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